Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant service is a unique and tailored for your business and personal needs. At Expresso, you will have a grand variety of personnel with experience and skills in different fields: administrative, digital marketing, sales, customer service, appointment setting, real estate, commercial cash advance, debt consolidation and many more back-office solutions.

Why are we different from other agencies?

First Step

Arrange an introductory call. You will get in touch with our certified staff and members of our team; so we can get to know your company, KPIs, your operations and any specific needs you may have. Our team will take note of all your business/service needs and the tasks to be performed by your assistant.

Second Step

Our HR department will filter the candidates through a list based on the skills and qualifications your business needs. We will conduct interviews to find the perfect candidate for you.

Third Step

For each vacancy, we will arrange 3 interviews for you with 3 highly qualified agents who can provide assistance in the areas you need. From these candidates, you will choose the assistant who will work for you.

Hiring Quality

You will hire people through a company, which will guarantee quality. We will search and find the best candidates for your business.


For each new account, we conduct a series of new interviews to find the right candidate for your needs.


You will interview agents that we have pre-qualified with specific skills and experience based on your own needs.


We grant you direct access to your agent, a workstation with the necessary technology is provided.


We ensure direct communication with your assistant, this can be done via WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Slack, or the platform of your choice.


As a trusted company, we will provide you with a reliable assistant and a schedule based on your business needs.

Core Values:

Virtual assistants can help you with simple tasks such as answering the phone, taking messages for you, scheduling meetings, preparing spreadsheets and presentations. We try to gather all the information related to your business needs to find the best candidate for you..

  • Integrity

    At Expresso we live by our deepest values. Being ethical and having strong moral principles.

  • Transparency

    We value honesty when it comes to business relationships. We provide a clear and honest assessment of what is going on within the work itself.

  • Predisposition to action

    A predisposition to action drives us to respond to situations and take action when necessary. We act proactively.

  • Communicative

    The cornerstone of every relationship is interaction with our customers. We value reflections and sharing new ideas.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to what we do and how we do it.

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