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Expresso Company is a highly educated certified team of professionals that is passionate about providing small and medium businesses the result they expect at a budget-friendly price. Having offices in Miami, Florida, and Managua, Nicaragua allows us to provide fully native bi-lingual service in both English and Spanish with hardly any time difference, which means no one is burning the midnight fule. Our mission is to give our customers the highest-level top-of-the-line service and products. As our clients have different goals, which may include branding, sales, engagement, customer service or sales. We are data-driven and highly motivated So if you are ready, come on in. Contact us and let’s enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chat about how we can help you today!

We are reaching out to provide you with information about our company. We are a great candidate for your telemarketing campaign/real estate acquisition that you are trying to accomplish for your business and here at the Expresso Company we will be providing top-notch/outsourcing service, we are a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs. We will be committed to hitting your KPIs and making sure you get your ROI!

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we provide on real estate acquisition campaigns like the one you are trying to get. The soft skills-top of line approach that we implement on our service is what separated us from the rest of the outsourcing call centers that provide the same services, the dedication and hardworking and the striving effort to always meet our clients´ goals

1st Initial Call

  • Introduction/Pitch Script/Purpose of Call

  • Gather all the info/Confirm on the MLS/County Site(Zillow, Redfin, Remax, Amounts of beds, baths, and SQFT).

  • Confirm if the Property doesn't have any liens pending taxes.

  • Start Questionnaire/Survey Questions - (De-evaluating Client House/Checkmark on parts of the house that has not been renovated.)

  • Ask the Client HOW MUCH they will need to have it fully renovated(how much we need to invest to fix or repair it)

  • Find out the reason why they want to sell it and provide them our benefits(Quick closing, closing costs, and all the extra fees that we will take care of)

  • Ask the One Million dollar question and once the agent can get an asking price (If they can get a good offer from us how much will their asking price?)

  • Emphasize our benefits again and ask them what will be the lowest amount that they can negotiate with us.

  • If all the requirements above were met and then add the lead to the main CRM or Client platform and leave record notes of the outcome of every single call(Like,,, etc).

  • Agents will thank clients for their time and follow up with them on 24-48 to provide them with counteroffers.

  • Expresso as a company at the level stage will be in charge of providing all full transparency of calls, recordings, and KPIs reports of telemarketing campaigns.

2nd Initial Call

Presentation of the Offer

  • Review previous notes and remind them about the previous conversation.

  • Initiate presentation of offer(the agent will engage with the client and build rapport, will ask the client to grab a piece of paper or pen to write down main comps information or log in online to make search engines and provides comps information like houses numbers and same criteria,#beds,#baths and same SQFT as their property in the same sub-division)

  • Provide a breakdown to the client of all the renovations costs and closing fees to make them understand that we are not trying at no point low-ball them with our offer and make financial sense for both parties involved in the deal.

  • Provide an offer amount and ask the client for feedback/personal opinion what they think about our offer.

  • Depending on the outcome of the call, always thank the client for the time and effort to hear and listen to our counter(If we were able to get them for the amount or if we couldn't at the end).

  • If the expected outcome was right, gather emails to be able to send a contract and start the process of filling it out and ask the real estate client for revision before it is sent.

  • Set an appointment for Walk-thru/Inspection for the real estate investor.

  • Put all the notes regarding the accomplished goal.

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