It’s SuperBowl Sunday! One of the most anticipated days of the year, the entire world comes to a halt (well that’s if you are that percentage of the world’s population that believes that the entire world is located between South Texas and Northern Alaska). Yes, I’m talking about The Super Bowl… of popcorn that I’m eating while I sit through a binge watch of 56 commercials.

That’s right the most important day of the year is not the first Sunday of February it’s the first Monday; because that’s the day all the ads from the “BIG GAME” are online and we marketers, can enjoy them (AKAsuffer because we know none of our clients will ever approve something without us making “the logo bigger”).

For practical purposes, I will be brief and straight to the point . I won’t go into detail for every Super Bowl commercial out there, but I will mention my 3  favorite ones, which I have divided into 3 categories: Ninjas Slicing Onion, “No more, please! I’m going to pee myself!” and “WTF did I just watch”, 

1. Ninjas Slicing Onion

These ads makes us go through a roller coaster of emotions which at the very end gives us “the feels”, kind of like in the scene where The Grinch finds out he has a heart. v

Warning: Get your tissue ready (for your tears! Man, get your head out of the gutter) before you watch.

Microsoft: We All Win

Verizon: The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

Google: Job Seach for Veterans

Special Mention:

The Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness

I’m not crying, you’re crying! 

2. Please stop, I’m going to pee! 

Special Mention:The Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness

The funny ones, the ones we make viral, those we share in our groups and social media. These are the birthplace of memes.

Remember we are all grown-ups here, I hope nobody is going to need an adult diaper, hold it in!

Amazon: Not Everything Makes The Cut

T-Mobile Dad?!

NFL The 100 Year Game

T-Mobile What’s For Dinner?

Special Mentions: 

Hyundai: The Elevator

Stella Artois: Change Up The Usual 

Pringles: Sad Device

3. “WTF Did I Just Watch?!”

Those commercials that make you wonder if the creative team “mailed it in” or if they are trying to play mind games with us. I’ll be honest as a marketing man, I have a hard time deciding if they were really good or total trash.

Audi: Cashew

Burger King: #EatLikeAndy

Devour: Food Porn

Special Mention: Colgate: Close Taker

Last but not least some extra special mentions, here we have some of those brands that never fail, ads that empower us, those that tackle the tough subjects, that stand out in production or special effects, short films that made reference to pop culture, cinema and tv of our time.

Budweiser: Wind Never Felt Better

KIA: Give It Everything

Bumble: In Her Court

Bud Light: Joust

Doritos: Chance The Rapper x BackStreet Boys

Turkish Airlines: A Ridley Scott Film #TheJourney

Aaaannddd that’s a wrap! Click the link to see all of this year’s ads. If you feel like I left an ad that should have been mentioned… keep it to yourself!