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Why We Stand Out

With our unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of the industry, we provide an excellent platform for international stakeholders seeking growth, efficiency, and a competitive edge. Expresso is a leading customized contact center solutions provider dedicated to delivering exceptional service and driving client success.

We take the time to understand each client’s unique requirements, enabling us to deliver personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and maximize results.


Optimal working conditions

A large and high-quality labour pool

Setting a New Standard: Key Factors that Distinguish Our Customer Engagement Solution from Competitors

Our primary objective is to ensure the simultaneous growth of both our clients and us, positioning us as an integral part of their brand. We prioritize enhancing client results and fostering a successful path for our team.

Agent-Centric Approach

Our achievements are derived from the exceptional expertise of our contact center professionals. We take great pride in fostering a collaborative and nurturing work environment where every team member can grow professionally and feel secure and supported. We strongly emphasize the development and well-being of our employees, ensuring they experience a sense of safety and care throughout their tenure with our company

Client-Centric Approach

We place the utmost importance on our client's needs and objectives. Our committed team invests the time to comprehensively understand each client's requirements, industry-specific challenges, and desired outcomes. Through the customization of our contact center solutions, we provide personalized experiences that cultivate customer loyalty and optimize results.

Managing Your Own Team

With Expresso Company, clients have the unique advantage of managing their own dedicated team. We provide a flexible framework that allows clients to actively participate in their team members' selection, training, and supervision. This hands-on approach ensures seamless integration of the outsourced team with the client's existing processes, fostering a sense of ownership and alignment.


We define time frames, learning curves, and expectations and set up tiered metrics and action registry. It involves creating a detailed plan for the project, including setting goals, establishing timelines, and determining the key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress.


Once the plan is in place, we assign human capital (HC), staff, and support teams needed to execute the action plans and carry out the tasks required to achieve the project objectives.


We work with internal and external teams to ensure the execution of the project plan. We coordinate efforts, communicating effectively, and supporting groups to align their actions with the project's performance guidelines.


We follow up on performance by having real-time dashboards and scorecards to monitor and correct performance at any time.


Regularly assessing hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly performance against the established KPIs and behavior metrics allows you to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions on action plans.


We acknowledge the efforts and achievements of groups that consistently meet or exceed performance expectations. Identifying and rewarding the highest performers to increase results with higher morale.