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3 basic yet extraordinary SEO tips that work!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important job you need to do to ensure your page begins to rank organically on search engines. Many tasks need to be done to make sure your page’s SEO is done correctly.

Let’s dive right in! I want to share some essential yet very effective SEO tips that work!

#1 – Keyword Placement.

If you do your SEO you know that you need to place the keywords you think your potential customers use to find you strategically in your website’s content. In our case here at Expresso Company, we want to place PPC, Google Ads, SEO, social media, Facebook Ads, and Digital Marketing in our website’s content.

You know, sprinkle them in here and there.

No, not just sprinkle them in here and there!

You mustn’t just throw them in there randomly, no! You need to place them strategically throughout the website. The MOST important place you want your keywords is in your page’s title tag, URL, and the first 100 words of the page’s content.

#2 – Extended or suggested keywords

You know when you type in a word in Google like “red shoes” and it shows: red shoes for dancing, red shoes for running, red shoes for hiking, red shoes for basketball?

This is Google’s way of telling you that most people who look for “red shoes” also look for the words in the variations. If any of those words or phrases go with your product/service, you should add them as well.

Now repeat this technique on Microsoft search / BING and Wikipedia grab those variations and if they apply to you add them as well.

#3 – Synonyms

As we all know search engines, especially Google keep getting smarter and smarter. Nowadays it’s not enough to just put in a couple of keywords here and there. Related keywords or synonyms to your keywords can go a long way.


Why, may you ask? Because Google added something called the Hummingbird update. It goes beyond simple keywords and reads and tries to understand the topic on your website. So, now you have to add variations of your keywords to your content. These three tips are easy to implement and should make a noticeable difference.

Don’t forget we have an expert SEO team here at Expresso Company and we’d be happy to take the load off your shoulders and do this for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.


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