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Sure there are a bunch of virtual assistant jobs from home, but you should always go with an agency. Why should you hire a virtual assistant agency? The short answer is because they work! A virtual assistant can perform different tasks very well! From telemarketing, sales, customer service, data entry, blog writing, surveys, appointment setting, research, or simply be an answering service. At a bargain price.

Why are Expresso Company’s virtual assistants so affordable but at the same time so good? To answer that we need to give you a quick history lesson and a look behind the scenes. First, let’s look behind the curtain at Expresso. At Expresso we take the time to filter our database and find the best candidate for your needs. We classify our candidates by their strength and provide them extra training if needed. We also don’t hire anyone that does not have previous experience in what you are looking for. We go through a rigorous prosses to guarantee we get you the best person for the job. Now on to the history lesson. Back in the 1970 & 2019s Nicaragua was in a civil war which forced many Nicaraguans to seek exile in the United States. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Nicaraguan families settled in the US. In 1992 a democratic government was elected into office and some of these families started to plan a return to Nicaragua.

Fast forward to today many Nicaraguans have moved back to the country having learned English in a workplace setting, with children that were born in the US, some having attended US schools. Now, these kids are tech-savvy young adults, with a love for a lot of US culture. They love US sitcoms, the NBA and the NFL. Representing their home states of Texas, California or Florida and the best part is they are native English speakers. They have been brought up in a world where information travels fast and they can accomplish any job from their desktop or tablet. Why are they any different some a young adult you can hire back home? Because your dollar has 6 times the buying power in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has Central America’s lowest cost of living. It’s a magnet for US and Canadian citizens to retire due to this. A study in 2018 showed that a couple can live very comfortably with $1,500 a month. $2,500 would give you a much more luxurious lifestyle. In comparison to New York City living in Managua is 73% cheaper. So virtual assistant salary, if hired through Expresso will be more than enough so that you can be sure that they are enjoying a couple of perks once they clock out.

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