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My kayak tour business has been operating for about 5 years now and I have gone through at least 20 digital marketing specialists I get rid of them within months because no one ever adds the value that they promise at the start! Before Expresso, I felt like I was just another faceless client.. a number to run automated reports and send meaningless graphs to showing progress that never materialized into tangible gains for my business. Expresso is different! They have been managing my social media and PPC for months. My PPC campaigns have never been more effective. I finally stopped feeling like I am throwing money away at Google. On the social media side, the growth has been steady and consistent. Every single member of the company I’ve dealt with has treated me like a priority! Honestly, they make you feel like their most important client every time. I am about to sign my and business up with Expresso because they have proven to be the driving force in my digital marketing success. Expresso: Gracias por todo lo que hacen para Paradise Adventures y pronto Storybook Films!

Orlando Cano.  Paradise Adventures, Florida.

Man, that’s what its all about! As I was reading that review I felt a huge sense of pride. It was like I was watching a 95 mph fastball hit clear at the center-field wall. We hit one out of the park with Paradise Adventures! When it comes to our clients, we have to make sure that they know that to us, their business is our business! They aren’t our clients, they are our partners! If they don’t sell, we don’t sell! See, a happy customer isn’t necessarily a loyal customer or much less a customer who will also serve as an ambassador to your company/agency. When a client goes out of his way to write a review like Orlando, that’s when you know that your customer is 100% satisfied. How do you get a truly happy customer? I’d say there are 3 key factors.

  1. A perfect product: Our case, our product is a service. Well, guys, we need to be freaking perfect! When someone picks Expresso as their agency, we need to be perfect! Social media managers need to be awesome! Their PPC campaigns have to be spot on! If they need us, we have to be there. We have to be ready to help and serve with a smile always. Most people know very little regarding Social Media and PPC and if they do know; they probably won’ have time to run it. They need someone to be just as invested as they would be. There is no room to be sloppy.
  2. Perfect experience: Product perfection, we got it down! Now let’s talk about the experience. Let’s say we set up the world’s best social media and display campaign for our client. Business is booming and there is no doubt it’s due to our marketing efforts. The end of the month comes by and there is no report. He calls the agency and there is no answer. Will we lose his business? Probably not. Is he 100% happy? Absolutely not! So, how do we satisfy our clients? We keep constant contact with them, greeting them with a smile on every call, a very cheerful tone in every email, constantly sharing new ideas, and showing the client that we are always one step ahead. Then rest assured we have a 100% happy customer.
  3. Problem Solving: I always tell people that all those funny catchphrases exist for a reason. Yes, even though we try to be perfect shit does eventually happen. When it does, your client will measure you by how well and how fast you react. Most times a customer will not mind if something bad happened as long as you fixed it; quickly.  Your reaction time will dictate whether if you keep or lose the client. This is exactly why a call once a week may just not cut it. You have to be in constant contact with your client. I believe that if you follow these steps, soon your site will be booming with reviews just like Orlando.
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