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So our meeting went great and, you want to work with Expresso Company. Believe me, we are super excited to have you as part of the family.

Wow, wait! Let’s rewind a bit and talk about how we got started. The first thing that happened is that we jumped on a first call and we did an audit of your online presence including your website, current ads, and social media efforts. If you are starting from scratch we probably started talking about getting you a website and the features it should have. Let’s fast forward and say you now have an awesome website that you love and is designed to get a ton of conversions. So now we are ready to start your digital marketing.

You’ve scheduled your welcome call with your POC (point of contact) and digital marketing strategist, they will meet with you and talk about your business, your vision, your mission, and your goals. You’ll talk about how you want potential customers to reach you, be it calls, emails, messages, etc. They will use all this information to prep a campaign strategy and recommended budget. A couple of days later the team will reach out to you again and present a plan for your paid ads, organic ads, visuals, videos, and more. If you like everything you see, we launch!

The first month is a lot of learning for us. We learn about your company, your brand, we get to know your taste, our POC, and how people are reacting to the ads. We keep on eye on the campaigns as they run, you don’t have to worry about that. A few weeks in we send you a preliminary report on how things are going and we keep you up to date on the optimizations being made. This month is a lot of back and forth communication with you since we are feeling things out and testing.

Month two is running the plan, constantly supervising and optimizing. An optimization, are all the changes performed in an account so that your ads only show to your potential customers. Once we have defined who is your target audience we have to focus all the optimization efforts towards tweaking your account in order to maximize the return of your investment and get the most out of your budget.

Month three we will know what’s working and what isn’t with all that data we’ve picked up along the way we can expand. We can start targeting a larger area or more cities. In short, now we can scale!

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