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Even the best digital marketing agency will have its hands tied if you don’t provide it with some much-needed information. There are a lot of Digital marketing agencies services and they all need feedback from the client. If you hire an SEO agency, a PPC agency, a social media agency or one agency to handle it all they are going to need to have communication with you. Now more than ever!

The current global health crisis has forced everyone to put aside their current digital marketing strategy and adopt a new temporary one. This new strategy along with its new tone, audience, budget, and goal need to be presented to your Digital Marketing Agency ASAP. You can’t have them driving blindfolded. We mentioned budget as one of the things that need to be sent to the agency pronto because the budget is the lifeline and with that budget, we can set realistic goals.

Once the budget is set there is a possibility that PPC is reduced and we focus on working as an SEO digital marketing agency. SEO is organic and will save you some money in the short term. SEO, content marketing and social media marketing is a great strategy for a short time money saving period but to guarantee success you need to attack all fronts. All the Top digital marketing agencies should offer you a bundled service package at a great price due to the crisis we are currently facing.

If you are working with a full service digital marketing agency like Expresso Company; once a budget is set and the percentages have been assigned to different platforms and methods its time to look at the message and the tone. You will focus your PPC search and display on sales, reservations, gift cards or future bookings. Your content marketing should be a very informative link to your strongest and trending keywords. Last but not least your social media should be branding. Your digital marketing agency service provider needs to know your business very well to be able to successfully communicate this to your clients.

We leave you with some tips to get the best out of your agency:

  • Communication is key:
    • Make sure your agency has a brief of your brand.
    • Schedule periodic calls.
    • Request monthly reports. 
    • Ask for a POC (point of contact) a person that is your go-to agent in the agency. This person should know a lot about your company.
  • Updates
    • You need to consider your agency as a department within your company. If you have a company meeting and some information that could be useful in regards to your marketing efforts is brought up, make sure the agency finds out.
  • Budget
    • Budget is a very important factor to get the best out of your agency. Times are tough, money is short we know; however, you have to be realistic about your expectations. Don’t expect caviar and champagne dinner when you have the agency a value lunch budget.

Sometimes as agencies it drives us crazy that the client always wants to chat; but, right now it is necessary, there are no long-term plans. Things change every day, quarantines are extended, delivery times are extended, fees are being waves, grants are being offered. Its time to think and act fast, your digital marketing agency needs to take the next step with your side by side.

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