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Well, this is a first. There is no handbook on how to manage this one. I have to admit I don’t have all the answers; I don’t think anyone does. This is a brand new situation no one can claim to have experience with it. I’m going to share with you what I plan to do for my clients and Expresso’s Digital Marketing efforts in the next few weeks.

  1. Research
    There’s a ton of information out there. Honestly, it’s terrifying; however, some of it is false. My first recommendation is that you make sure all your sources of information are legit. I only believe what I read on the World Health Organization website. Sure there are other good sources but that’s the one I choose to believe. Sure there is good info on other media outlets. I insist you double-check everything else.

    I have been blessed to have a couple of friends that are doctors. They are good sources of information. If you manage to get ahold of them in these crazy times.

  2. Share positive news
    There are moments in the day where it seems that its all bad news. Every update is another death toll rise, the economy crashing and people getting laid off. It sucks! In all the darkness humanity always gives us that little ray of light. Try searching the hashtag #faithinhumanity and share some of those posts. For example, all these professional athletes donating money to the part-time workers of the organizations. Things of that nature are good content.

  3. Tell Stories
    We are usually flooded with things going on that our content schedule is usually full. Odds are your posting schedule has some openings. It’s a good time to let your followers get to know some of your staff. Let your staff tell stories about their favorite quote, book, movie or hero. Give your followers a view of the companies human side.

  4. Ad value
    We’ve been selling non-stop since the get-go. It’s time to give back to our followers. Take a second to give your followers to keep checking in on you even if they are not going to purchase anything at the moment. For example:
    • If you are in the fitness industry post some at-home workouts.
    • Furniture shops post some easy home décor tips.
    • Landscaping post some free tips.
    • As an agency, I’m going to constantly share post ideas.
      Your followers will appreciate it.

  5. Tell your followers what you are doing.
    Show your followers how the company is helping its staff protect itself while in the office. If you are working from home share a picture of a video conference.

  6. Motivate
    Motivational quotes are always a plus.

    I’m holding no secrets this is what I plan to do in the upcoming weeks. I hope this information helps you with your marketing efforts. If you like what you read, please like, share, comment and drop us a line. Stay safe out there.

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