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Since you are already reading this, let me tell you something the nicest way possible. As Google puts it, doing this certification will allow Google to recognize you as an expert in online advertising. Sounds awesome, right? Sure. One of the many good things is that you just need to complete 7 courses which only has about 100 to 120 questions which you have to answer in about 1 hr. and 50 minutes. As if that werenu2019t enough, another great thing is you will only need an exaggerated amount of time you to study for them, or better yet you could just read through them if you want.n

nNow, think about your daily tasks: family time, social life, the time you spend with your partner, and well last but not least, the time you need to take a damn nap. You see, sleeping will be tough with this one. Each course includes many topics. Just between the two of us, I had to re-read many of them lots of times. There will be of course other issues that you will probably face throughout this journey. For example, anxiety or in my case (not diagnosed, but pretty sure Iu2019m close to it) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).n

nThe Google AdWords certification is essentially a badge that you can show off on your resume, website, and social profiles to drive more sales for your business. Iu2019m not going to lie to you, this really has tons of benefits that can give you advantage over your competition. Itu2019s a form of social proof (which drives conversions because people trustnreviews) and credibility.n

nOn the one hand, yes, youu2019ll need to spend a lot of time reading for this certification, but on the other hand you will definitely be successful in your business and then you will laugh remembering all the time you procrastinated for this test. For example, imagine you own a company or have a business running one thing you need to know is that people donu2019t think they need your product until you convince them that they do. This requires a value proposition and this certification gives that to you. If you canu2019t show someone that they need your product or service, then they wonu2019t be interested in buying it.n

nFinally, as if what Iu2019ve said wasnu2019t enough, Google is still dominating the mobile and digital ad marketing. It has the most popular search engine with 86.3% market share. So, if youu2019re planning on expanding your skills and knowledge, want to be an expert on search, display, video, mobile and shopping, are interested in receiving free promotion on Googleu2019s partner list and have interest in the marketing world, this certification is for you.n

nAnd remember, itu2019s critical to always keep learning.n

nYours truly,nMonday
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