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Customer experience is vital to the health of your company.

If your customer service is excellent the relationship with your customer will be long and healthy. This is no secret EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS TRUE.

Even though being a customer service representative may be the most difficult position in any call center. That’s why today I’d like to walk you through the main pillars used by our customer service representatives here at Expresso Company’s BPO department.


Here at the Expresso Company, Respect, is one of our main 4 pillars.

The Respect gained from all our employees, clients, providers, has helped create a positive reputation and overall excellency regarding our work ethic and Company Development.

Everyone that’s reading this, tends to have had a bad customer service experience, but not everyone has had a horrific one, where the customer service rep has disrespected you, or worse insulted you.

Yes, this can happen. When this situation occurs, it will immediately turn into a request to speak to a manager / supervisor, or transition into a bad review in some social media outlet. Those bad reviews are killers. This is why all of our customer service representatives at Expresso Company have been trained to give the call his undivided attention and react to a negative situation with a positive and respectful response. Whenever possible to also provide a solution.

Every customer deserves your full attention. They deserve to be treated with a polite and friendly attitude. That’s the best way to leave a good and long-lasting impression on the customer. Which translates to great reviews and long term relationships.


Not only is honesty a pillar for great customer service, it is one of the core values at Expresso Company.

We don’t shy away from presenting a negative result on a report, we believe in transparency and communication. We make sure all parties are aware of the current status of the project and provide all the possible solutions available. This direct and honest approach will ensure you have the opportunity to apply the recommendations you make.

We reinforce all of the customer service representatives with all the information, data and updates they may need to be able to communicate all the information that the customers might require. This puts us in a good position to make sure that any inconvenience or nuisance along the way will have a positive result.

On a personal note, my wife told me a phrase back when we were dating that stuck with me forever. She said “I trust you blindly until the day you give me a reason not to. Then I won’t trust you at all.” This stuck with me forever and I believe it fits perfectly in the customer service world as well. So, do not LIE! Do not set FALSE expectations!

HONESTY is our best policy.


Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Take a minute as you read this and think back to a moment when you had a really bad experience at a restaurant or a store.

Just thinking about it makes you angry, doesn’t it?

We’ve all been put on hold for what felt like an eternity on a customer service line, we’ve all been at the register with your typical cashier who’s only there for the summer and can’t wait to clock out.


Let all those previous unpleasant situations be a reminder of what not to do and how to do it the right way.

It seems easy when you write it down on a piece of paper. The challenge is to implement and execute it day in and day out. Especially on days when you are not feeling 100%. Believe me, if you stick to this it will be smooth sailing.

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